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June 16, 2021- You can find a great summary of the legal status of the US at the following site: https://wakeup-world.com/2015/12/02/proof-that-the-usa-is-controlled-by-foreign-corporations

June 7, 2021- On July 9, 2021, the World Economic Forum will be running a simulation for a potential cyber pandemic, much like Event 201 which preceded the coronavirus. How could they possibly know a cyber pandemic may occur, in the same way that they knew a pandemic was going to occur? Coincidence?? Nope. The coronavirus is a sham and was planned by the ruling elites long time ago. The upcoming cyber pandemic will have scary consequences. Click on the following link to see what’s in store: https://sociable.co/../prepping-cyber-pandemic-cyber-polygon-stage-supply-chain-attack-simulation

June 1, 2021- As I’m driving through North Carolina and Virginia, I’m seeing something interesting. There are Hispanics cropping up on street corners or outside of stores holding signs saying they are out of jobs and homes and need help. I had gone up to one of them and asked him what was going on. He responded in English that he “didn’t have papers” (meaning illegal) and that he used to work in a hotel as part of a cleaning crew but lost his job and house and now he had nothing. I first asked him why would he admit to me, a  perfect stranger, that he was illegal? Then I asked him how he could be without shelter if his beard was neatly trimmed, hair was perfectly washed and combed, and clothes were neat and clean. Suddenly he pretended he couldn’t speak English. I then asked his little son what he had for lunch and the father told him in Spanish not to respond. The boy kept saying “No questions”. Obviously the elites are trying to show that “illegals” are overrunning our country and ICE won’t do anything about it – further “breakdown of security”. The truth is that there are no illegals in this “country” because each country is a corporation that is owned by the Vatican, the Jesuit bankers, and royal families of Europe.  All of our so-called politicians and leaders are just actors to give us the illusion that we live in a democracy. Please visit http://www.worldnewsspell.com and read all of the archives on the site for the truth!! Continue reading “A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT HOW TO DEFEAT THE NEW/OLD WORLD ORDER”