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January 6, 2022 –  The ruling elites have been trying to hide the fact that 99.9% of our universe is comprised of plasma, which is the fourth state of matter. In science classes, the books will intentionally hide plasma under gases and teachers won’t bother talking about it. This plasma is the SAME plasma that is in our blood despite what websites try to tell you. The defining characteristic of plasma is that it moves in a spiraling motion and is made up of positive and negative ions. You will also see plasma in ocean water which is why it moves in waves which are actually circles or spirals. We can verify that we are made up of plasma by observing our spiraling fingerprints and spiraling hair pattern. We are even created in a spiral shape as an embryo!

The plasma in our blood is where our soul resides, that part of us that lives on after the death of our physical body. Another feature of plasma is that it can move through solid objects. This is why we hear about ghosts that can move through solid objects. Ghosts are the soul (spirit matter) that is no longer contained in a vessel, the physical body. 

The seat of our soul is the pineal gland. It is the master gland that controls the rest of the glands in our endocrine system. The endocrine glands are responsible for releasing hormones into our bloodstream, which are crucial for our health and well-being. The pineal gland is triggered by the moon. The elites have buried this in our words. The “mon” in horMONes refers to moon. That is why Monday is actually Moon Day. 

In fact, the 13 ruling elite bloodlines created all of the world languages. The languages they created have been used to program our subconscious minds. Therefore, you will find the truth buried in the words we use. For example, the word “information” is actually “in form at eye on”. Yet they have taught us in schools to pronounce it as “in form a shun”!! The word shun means to persistently avoid, ignore or reject! Therefore, our conscious mind is seeing the word but our inner voice is pronouncing the word in such a way as to program our subconscious mind to avoid, ignore or reject information!!! The same goes for all words ending in “-ion” (eye on). We must learn to pronounce these words exactly as written. We are being mind controlled by these evil people.

You will find that they have hidden meanings in all the words that we use. For example, when we say the letter “d”, our subconscious mind hears “the”; therefore, the word “devil” actually is transmitting the words “the veil” to our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not see letters in the order that our conscious mind sees them appear. The word “earth” is also “heart” and “hater”. In English, however, the letter “r” is not rolled like it is in Spanish and other languages. This is significant because our subconscious mind gets meaning from vibrations. A rolled “r” will create a vibration while the English/American way of pronouncing “r” will not. In applying these principles, you can plainly see that pronouncing the words “the earth” actually is transmitting the word “death” to our subconscious mind. Remember that you have to separate out the letter “d” as “the” and ignore the “r” in “earth”.

December 2, 2021 – As I had mentioned previously, people are being systematically murdered in the name of Covid-19 with the use of microwave weapons that trigger calcium in the body to cause heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and strokes. The way to survive these attacks is to dissolve regular table salt (sodium chloride) into a couple of inches of water and sip it until it’s finished. Adding salt to food will not achieve the same result since the water molecule is needed to break up the salt molecule into its individual ions. The salt will then automatically go to the muscles that are spasming  from the calcium and allow them to contract.

Some of the symptoms of a microwave attack are: 1) mouth being completely dehydrated; 2) feeling hot even if it is cold; 3) feeling weakness in legs; 4) having difficulty breathing; 5) feeling stiffness/tightness on side of neck; 6) having bags under the eyes; and 7) cramming in legs.
As soon as you feel these symptoms, make the saltwater concoction and sip it.

Be sure to check the ingredients of your table salt. Make sure that the anti-caking agent listed is sodium silicoaluminate and NOT calcium carbonate or yellow prussiate of soda. Calcium carbonate will reintroduce calcium into your body allowing them to attack you over and over again. Yellow prussiate of soda is basically cyanide – which will be deadly if you are already weakened from a microwave attack. Currently all of the grocery stores are deliberately restricting me to the latter two anti-caking agents so I am having to grab packets of the salt with sodium silicoaluminate wherever I can find them. 

This is how I survived the attacks until I realized what was happening and fled my house. It is also very important to avoid all foods that contain calcium. This includes dairy, processed foods (calcium % is usually listed on the labels) and frozen foods. Also avoid foods that have some form of calcium listed in the ingredients. You will be surprised to know that even condiments such as mayonnaise contain calcium. This has all been done deliberately by the manufacturers to carry out the current genocide.

It is also important to avoid synergistic combinations of food such as spinach with mushrooms. Spinach is high in calcium while mushrooms are high vitamin D. Vitamin D greatly increases the absorption of calcium. In fact, I will start heating up spinach and drain off all of the water to decrease the calcium as much as possible since I was previously attacked after eating spinach. Be sure to check the calcium levels of leafy green vegetables such as kale and collard greens as they tend to be very high in calcium. It would be wise to heat them and drain off all of the water from them.

You will also notice how the “medical community” has been demonizing table salt.This is to make you fearful of consuming it but it is the only thing that will save you. News came out on October 13, 2021 that the FDA is pushing all the companies to reduce sodium content in their foods by 12% within 2 1/2 years. 


A lot of them will replace that salt with potassium chloride. This will be disastrous for people because once anyone is attacked with microwave weapons, sodium will naturally be reduced in their bodies. The addition of potassium chloride will exacerbate the problem because potassium has an inverse relationship with sodium – meaning that sodium levels will be pushed down even more!! This is a deadly combination and very deliberate on the part of the FDA. I believe restaurants will do the same thing. It will become imperative to stop eating processed foods and eating out at restaurants. Start cooking vegetables at home so that you have control over sodium content.

September 20, 2021- It seems that a major portion of the depopulation agenda UN Agenda 21 hinges on food consumption. I have already outlined below how minerals (i.e. metals like iron, potassium and calcium) have been added to most of all processed foods and drinks (including bottled water) so that DNA specific electromagnetic weapons can be used to target those metals in a person’s body and kill him or her. Another way that food is dangerous is buildup of water acrylamides.

It seems that a lot of the foods that we consume can be naturally cancer causing. Other foods depend on the way we prepare them. Read the article at the preceding link to avoid foods that contain acrylamide and learn how to prepare foods so that you can avoid this dangerous chemical from developing.

September 17, 2021- In his research, Nikola Tesla discovered that the ionization of the atmosphere could be altered by applying radio waves in the low frequency range. www.quantumbalancing.com/negative_ions.htm 
I suspected the same thing when, as stated in my previous post, I was being subjected to horrific total-body muscle atrophy, automatic cracking and bleeding of skin and sudden entanglement of hair at 3 different hotels in 3 different cities. Nobody else at these hotels was suffering any kind of effect. Realizing that I was probably being targeted by low frequency radio waves that were coded to my unique DNA, I would drive out 5 miles from each of the respective hotels and the effects would suddenly start reversing. As soon as I drove back into the vicinity of the hotels, I would immediately start experiencing the same symptoms. I now have discovered how the military/law enforcement has been able to trigger these effects with radio waves. They are using the iron and potassium from the foods we eat to trigger these positive ions. I had stated in an earlier post that the ruling elite was going to kill off a lot of people using microwave weapons that would trigger the calcium ion channels in people’s bodies causing heart attacks, cardiac arrests and strokes. In the same way, they will use the iron and potassium in people’s bodies to cause massive ionization in their bodies to kill them. If you go to the beginning of my blog, you will find that I discovered several months ago that I had been used as a lab rat by the military for DNA specific radio energy weapons. 

The next time you go to the grocery store, start picking up packages in every aisle and read the nutrition information. Notice that practically each and every food has iron and/or potassium and/or calcium added to it. All of the breads are made with enriched flour. All of the cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals. This has been intentionally done so that electromagnetic weapons can be used on these metals in people’s bodies. The amount of iron, potassium and calcium people are eating through these processed foods is extremely high. In addition, vitamin C has been added to all of the fruit juices. Consuming vitamin C with any foods containing iron will cause triple the amount of iron absorption. Imagine how much iron people are getting every day by merely drinking fruit juice with their cereal! Everyone must stop eating processed foods immediately or they risk being killed off. Regardless, consuming massive quantities of iron and other minerals will cause major health problems.

One way to quickly start eliminating excess iron from your body is to donate blood, especially if you are a man or post menopausal woman. 

A great way to eliminate excess calcium and potassium is to drink a solution of plain table salt dissolved in tap water. Simply adding salt to food will not do anything because the water molecules are required to break up the ionic bonds between the sodium and chloride atoms. Do not use bottled water because they are adding minerals/metals to them as well!! 

The fact that each and every processed food/drink is laced with added metals is proof of the depopulation agenda. In order to save yourselves, you must start making your own food from scratch and read the labels of all of the ingredients you use. 

September 5, 2021- In my May 17, 2021 post I had provided a link to a DNA specific weapons technology that had already been developed by 2004. In fact, it had been developed much earlier. I now know for what DNA specific technology that I was used as an unwitting and unconsenting lab rat. It was a focused positive ion particle beam that resonates with my frequency. If you go to the very bottom of the blog, you will see my story of what was done to me from 1995-2016. My parents had offered me up as a lab rat to the Freemasons before I was born. I had no knowledge of this. At the time, I was tricked into believing the malaria drug Lariam had done this to me, but unbeknownst to me, I was being subjected to a DNA specific positive ion beam for 21 years that had brought me to the point of death. Positive ions will increase serotonin and inhibit protein synthesis in your body which after a while can kill you. That is why my hair looked like it did in the picture that I have posted.

Now, for the last 7 days that I have been staying in the same Avid Hotel in Lebanon, TN, they are subjecting me to the same positive ions in order to interrupt my REM cycle. Precisely 3 1/2 hours after going to sleep, I am all of a sudden awakened, finding severe weakness in my body and my hair suddenly dried and tangling up. Prior to this, all of the hotels for the last month had been allowing LED lights to flood my rooms in order to disrupt my sleep. Once I figured out a solution to this problem by wearing aluminum eye masks at night to reflect all of the light, they started once again using the ion technology to disrupt my sleep.

All of the hotels have been deliberately trying to put me right near electrical/mechanical rooms or in rooms with electrical towers right outside my room in order to subject me to EMF fields so that I get cancer.

I had downloaded an EMF reading app on my iPhone, which worked very well for that day and the next morning, but it was deliberately sabotaged by the early afternoon of the next day. It had shown that I had been placed in a room that had a high EMF reading at one point and then in the very high medium range the rest of the day. They do not want me to have proof that all the rooms in which they are trying to put me have very high EMF readings. I have posted pictures of a Holiday Inn Express on Papermill Rd in Knoxville, TN that tried to put me right across from a communications room and in another room with an electrical tower right outside the window. When I refused both the rooms, the desk manager Crystal called the cops to kick me out even though she was refusing to refund my money! The cops are part of the mafia (Freemasons) and I posted pictures of their cars because they are not real cops – they are thugs in uniform taking public tax dollars to behave like private security detail for the hotel staff. This is why people should stop paying taxes. The people responsible for targeting me and many other individuals are the US military and law enforcement. They have used our tax dollars to create horrific energy weapons technology to target their own citizens. This is part of the depopulation agenda, UN Agenda 21.

July 25, 2021- “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare (aka Francis Bacon, a Freemason)

I think the following link is the playbook that the ruling elite is using to rule the world.


I believe they took over control of the world around 12,000-14,000 years ago when they started the agrarian society. Up until that point, humans were living by hunting and gathering. A group of cunning and manipulative but very intelligent people who had learned the science of cross-breeding  and domesticating plants and animals knew that hunter-gatherers would give up their harsh lifestyle if they could obtain food with convenience and comfort. This in turn would allow the ones growing the food to become the landowners and develop a class based system. 

To maintain control, they developed an astrological system in which the zodiac signs supposedly determined the fate and future of the world. If people actually believed that they could not control their own destinies, they would just “allow nature to take its course” and resign themselves to their fate and not fight it. You can think of the 12 zodiacs as basic “movie plots” involving certain types of characters. Since that time, the landowners have had a secret army of people/actors  (Freemasons or related secret organizations) acting out those zodiac “movie” plots. For example, you will see these days in many stores people wearing masks even if they are not required to do so by law. I confronted one of them today and she practically admitted to me she is a Freemason. Currently, their duty is to wear masks and act like there is a deadly coronavirus pandemic with a variant on the rise.  Looking back at the above link, all of the “history” that happened in the zodiac ages was nothing but scripted movies acted out by the Freemason slaves. The world is just one giant stage for the ruling elite to play out their running movie. All the buildings (like the World Trade Center) and other constructed objects are merely props for their continuously running movie. Nothing is real.

The zodiac ages are to give the illusion to the people that there are celestial forces at work beyond their control that are shaping their everyday lives. This is also why the ruling elite publish their agendas – if we believe them, they become self-fulfilling prophecies. The author of the above link takes the zodiac ages seriously and states that we seem to be heading towards extinction. As I’ve noted below, this is not by happenstance. A lot of us will be headed to extinction by design unless we wake up and realize how they have set us up. We need to turn off all media so that we can cut off their access to our subconscious. They are trying to subliminally message us into doing what they tell us to do. They cannot get their wish if  your subconscious never sees or hears their messages. Then you will be in control of your own fate.

July 19, 2021- I believe that I have discovered an important link between the 5G/microwave energy weapons and severe health effects, including death, that result. In his research at https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/7521102473.pdf, Dr. Martin Pall states that the microwaves and other low frequency electromagnetic fields activate the voltage-gated calcium channels, causing elevated intracellular calcium levels. Calcium can have deadly effects if you have too much of it in the body. I discovered this link because I was trying to figure out why my mom was forcing me to consume as much dairy as possible (especially when I do not like dairy at all). She would make items for dinner that contained yogurt, would pretend to buy ice cream for herself and then say that she didn’t like it so that I would finish it, would take my mug of milk from me and say that I wasn’t drinking enough and fill it to the rim, and many many more examples. Even after I fled my house on Easter, she would suggest that I buy certain items that contain yogurt and even got together with Baskin Robbins to send a free ice cream coupon pretending that they had forgotten her birthday scoop. That clearly shows the companies are involved in this attempted genocide. Once I stumbled upon the calcium link to electromagnetic fields, I started realizing why the ruling elites had pushed dairy so much onto people. They started this over a century ago when they “created” breakfast cereals which they suggested would be best consumed with milk. Then they had the “Got milk?” commercials and milk mustaches. They have also heavily promoted cheese. If you look at the typical American diet from over 100 years ago, it did not include this much dairy. I also noticed how most processed foods contain calcium as a preservative. They also got people to start making “healthy” green smoothies. Green vegetables tend to be higher in calcium, which is fine if you eat them in normal amounts. By making smoothies, you end up consuming a much higher level of calcium. The same is true with almond butter and almond milk. Almonds have a higher calcium level, but you would be consuming a great deal more by condensing it into a type of butter or milk. Avoid chia seeds as they are very high in calcium.

They have created a 3-prong approach to calcium to kill you. First is to increase calcium in your diet as much as possible as listed above. Second is to promote foods like apple cider vinegar and a high protein diet to strip your bones of calcium. They also add EDTA as a color preservation agent to many processed foods like salad dressing. Essentially EDTA will chelate the calcium from your bones. The third prong is to promote foods that will indirectly increase calcium in your body such as estrogen rich tofu. Increases in estrogen causes increases in copper which causes increases in calcium. The same is true for copper rich cashews.

I am 100% sure that if we cut out dairy and all processed foods, we will have a greater chance of surviving these energy weapon attacks. Perhaps adopting a paleo type of diet would be ideal. It is hard to do once we have gotten used to processed foods, but I believe it’s a matter of survival. 

June 19, 2021- The following site was warning a long time ago that the world health organizations along with the pharmaceutical industry would plan a health crisis resulting in mandated vaccines. It looks like the purpose of the “coronavirus” vaccine is to inject nanotechnology into humans. http://mobile.dudasite.com/site/preventdisease?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpreventdisease.com%2Fnews%2F09%2F100509_injectable_nano_microchips.shtml&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fr.search.yahoo.com#3037

June 16, 2021- You can find a great summary of the legal status of the US at the following site: https://wakeup-world.com/2015/12/02/proof-that-the-usa-is-controlled-by-foreign-corporations

June 7, 2021- On July 9, 2021, the World Economic Forum will be running a simulation for a potential cyber pandemic, much like Event 201 which preceded the coronavirus. How could they possibly know a cyber pandemic may occur, in the same way that they knew a pandemic was going to occur? Coincidence?? Nope. The coronavirus is a sham and was planned by the ruling elites long time ago. The upcoming cyber pandemic will have scary consequences. Click on the following link to see what’s in store: https://sociable.co/../prepping-cyber-pandemic-cyber-polygon-stage-supply-chain-attack-simulation

June 1, 2021- As I’m driving through North Carolina and Virginia, I’m seeing something interesting. There are Hispanics cropping up on street corners or outside of stores holding signs saying they are out of jobs and homes and need help. I had gone up to one of them and asked him what was going on. He responded in English that he “didn’t have papers” (meaning illegal) and that he used to work in a hotel as part of a cleaning crew but lost his job and house and now he had nothing. I first asked him why would he admit to me, a  perfect stranger, that he was illegal? Then I asked him how he could be without shelter if his beard was neatly trimmed, hair was perfectly washed and combed, and clothes were neat and clean. Suddenly he pretended he couldn’t speak English. I then asked his little son what he had for lunch and the father told him in Spanish not to respond. The boy kept saying “No questions”. Obviously the elites are trying to show that “illegals” are overrunning our country and ICE won’t do anything about it – further “breakdown of security”. The truth is that there are no illegals in this “country” because each country is a corporation that is owned by the Vatican, the Jesuit bankers, and royal families of Europe.  All of our so-called politicians and leaders are just actors to give us the illusion that we live in a democracy. Please visit http://www.worldnewsspell.com and read all of the archives on the site for the truth!! Continue reading “A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT HOW TO DEFEAT THE NEW/OLD WORLD ORDER”


Electrical tower right outside Room 502 at Holiday inn Express on Papermill Rd, Knoxville, TN I was given on August 22, 2021, which I refused.
Communications Room almost across from Room 408 I was given at Holiday Inn Express, Papermill Rd, Knoxville, TN I was given before they gave me Room 502.
1 police officer car who was summoned by desk manager to throw me out while she refused to authorize a refund to Expedia.
Other police officer also summoned. Both police officers acted like personal security guards for the hotel while receiving taxpayer funding. They kept talking in circles like sociopaths. It’s a known fact that police officer are low level Freemasons. Their allegiance is to them / not us!! Meanwhile they continue to rip off the taxpayers. This is the true mafia!